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We are going to show you how to quickly and efficiently put up your truss totem for your events.

First, we are going to need a single plate to keep the truss grounded. The single plate that we are using in the video is 30 inches x 30 inches and 40lbs. 

Next, put on double cheeseborough clamps to the top of the truss to hold a single pipe. The single pipe we are using is made of aluminum and 4ft long.

Install the 12in box truss onto the double plate. The double plate is about 83lbs. Tap the tapered shear pins into place at the bottom of the truss to keep it sturdy. Add R clips to the holes of the pins for extra safety.

Put weighted sandbags on the plate to counterbalance the truss. Then tip the truss over to add the moving heads. You can rest your truss on a moving head case if available.

To prep the movers to hang, run an AC cable from the top, through the center of the box truss, to the plate. 

The movers have quick and easy Omega clamps. Use a tool to tighten the clamps otherwise they may not be tight enough. They will loosen from movement and you do not want them to fall.

Safety cables are added to the truss for extra security.

The clamps that are being used on these fixtures can support over 175lbs a piece.

Next hang the mover over the pole. The clamps should allow the light fixture to swing. At this point attach your safety cable round the truss. Tighten the clamps allowing them to still swing.

Plug your powerCon connectors into the stinger box.

Add your DMX cable. We are also using a wireless Donner series DMX transmitter/ receiver products. They are battery powered but we always plug them in just in case.

Tilt the truss back so that it is flat on the ground. Next climb up the truss or use a ladder to tighten the movers.

Congrats! You’ve successfully built your trust totem.

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