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DMX cables are used for lights. They carry data from the source, such as a DMX console, to the lights to control movement, color, lighting angle, etc.

Most importantly they differ from microphone cables (XLR).

Are DMX Cables the Same as Microphone Cables?

Although DMX cables may look like microphone and speaker cables, they are not the same. The internal wiring is quite different.

The connectors look the same so the DMX cables come in a 5 pin variety, as opposed to the 3 pin, to not confuse them with the other cables.

DMX cables contain 110-120 ohms whereas microphone cables only have roughly 20-40 ohms. Therefore, they are not to be used interchangeably.

Can You Daisy Chain DMX Cables?

DMX dimmer pack

You can daisy chain up to 32 fixtures. This number is dependent on the length of the cables and the fixtures. Generally, it is a good idea to stick to 16-20 fixtures.

Pro Tip:

To prevent kinks in your cables, roll the cable with the over and under technique. This will allow the cable to unwrap quickly when thrown.

Check out the video below to learn this technique.

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