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Podcasts are a great way to gain authority, reach your target audience, build a community, gain more qualified leads to your website, and repurpose content.

Every business should have their own podcast to strengthen their relationship with their current and potential customers. This connection will establish trust and make your business more relatable.

Podcasts Allow You to Build Authority

Your podcast will enable you to share knowledge about your business and become an authority in your industry. 

Speaking passionately about a topic will build credibility with your audience.

Once you become more established, you will be known as an expert in your field and people will tune in to listen to your podcast.

Connect with Your Target Audience

Listeners are invested for longer periods of time with your podcast, meaning that they become more engaged with your message.

In contrast to videos, It is easier for a fan to listen to your podcast while doing other activities. Thus having more time to listen to long-form content.

Hearing your voice will establish more trust like you are having a conversation directly with the listener.

Podcasts Create Community

Once you start building a relationship with your target audience, you will start to build a community.

Your community will view you as an authority figure and frequently listen to your podcast for helpful information and advice.

You will find that these same fans will listen to your podcast week after week. Not only will they listen but they will interact with your content as well.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Because you have established trust and credibility, you will earn the potential for more business, influence, and revenue.

Their dedication to your brand creates a stronger relationship than other mediums and higher conversions.

Your listeners will follow you off of the podcast platform, onto other social media platforms and your website to find out what more you have to offer.

Repurpose Content

A podcast is another avenue to take when trying to get discovered by new followers.

Chances are that if you are going to start a podcast that you already have a blog or video content.

You can easily convert your old blog posts into podcasts. The research and information around the topic has already been covered. All you need is a voice recording.

Similarly, if you already have informative video content, a podcast allows listeners to detach from visuals to work on other tasks while listening.

Again, there’s no harm in creating another form of content to reach new audiences and get discovered. 

Want to Start a Podcast?

At Wreck’d Productions we have a professional podcast studio.

Our studio holds up to 8 guests. We also have the equipment needed for your guests to phone in.

Feel free to bring props and decorations to personalize the room for your production, or you can utilize one of our green screens to create a virtual environment. 

We’ve got the cameras, microphones, and equipment to produce top quality podcasts and vodcasts, as well as live stream your recording session.

Our recording room is also perfect for recording voice-overs, newscasts, and productions that don’t require a huge space. Ask about our editing and distribution services.

Book a tour of our podcast studio.

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