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We use lighting trusses for the application and utilization of luminaire fixtures. You see them all over the place such as theaters, special events, and stadiums, just to give you some examples.

There are different shapes such as a ladder truss, triangle truss, or a box truss. You can hang them in from the ceiling, “flown,” or mount them to the ground.

How do you build a stage truss?

Truss coupler and pins

You can connect several trusses together with a coupler, tapered shear pins, and R clips.

A double-ended conical coupler joins two trusses together.

The tapered shear pins are then nailed to hold the coupler and truss in place. They are tapered to fit in a specific way into the coupler. If the shear pin doesn’t easily slide through, the coupler will need to be rotated. Don’t force the shear pin.

At the end of the shear pins you will notice small holes. These holes allow you to add an R clip for extra safety. These ensure that the shear pin will not fall out.

How do you rig a light to a truss?

To rig a truss you will need a clamp, your light, a safety cable, and 4 cords (power in, power out, data in, and data out).

In the video, our Lighting Director demonstrates the process to install the new truss.

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