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fiber optic curtain

Fiber optic curtains are used in performances as a starry backdrop. The curtain is full of bundles of fibers that separate to peek through a hole on the front. The brightness is controlled by different sized holes.

Our curtain is 33ft long and 18ft high.

The fiber optics are made from long strands of glass to transmit light pulses. These fibers are flexible and transparent. The strands are slightly thicker than a human hair. Therefore, they can easily be stored when not in use. 

Different colors and twinkle effects can be controlled by a DMX console.

The lights weren’t appearing as brightly on camera as we had hoped so we decided to take the backing off to expose the fibers. Now it has a unique appearance that we plan to use with our clients.

The fiber optics resemble a tree trunk with lots of branches.

Check out the video below to see the curtain in action!

Feel free to tour our studio if you are interested in having this fiber optic curtain as a backdrop for your production or just want to check out the space.

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