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A black box studio is a room with fully black walls, ceiling, and floors. 

Although black box studios mostly apply to theaters, the simplicity of the space allows for a variety of different performances.

Also known as experimental or flexible theaters, these spaces usually accommodate smaller performances.

This will allow the vendor to have the most flexibility.

In addition, the equipment for the studio can easily be rearranged and configured to fit any scenario.

Why are black box studios black?

The performance is the main focal point. Everything else will fade into the background.

Because a black box studio is a dark space, the atmosphere could be made to feel like anywhere with lighting, props, and effects.

What are the benefits of a black box studio?

Bigger venues may be double booked or need a smaller performance space.

A win for everyone would be to offer services to these venues for overflow or small production rentals.

This arrangement would benefit both spaces to be able to cater to different events.

Visit Our Black Box Studio

Our black box studio is 1400 sq ft with 20 ft high ceilings. 

The studio is also the perfect location to film movie scenes, reality TV episodes, newscasts, talk shows, webisodes, and more. We can also help design a custom backdrop using our lighting and green screens.

The studio is rigged for lighting, sound equipment, and acoustically enhanced. Our professional engineers can create your desired visual and audio environment.

The soundstage is climate controlled so your team will enjoy the benefit of a large space and the comfort of a more intimate setting regardless of outside temperature.

Book an in-person tour of our facility or watch the video below.

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