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From news stations to film studios, green screens are becoming commonplace. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of green screens and chroma key technology. Many industries implement green screen technology to assist with their production.

What is a green screen?

Green screens are neon green backdrops (but sometimes blue or other colors) that range from cloth to paper to green paint. In post-production the screen can be keyed out and replaced with any background. These digital effects allow production teams to set any scene.

This technology allows you to create any environment even if it’s not real.

Not only can a green screen be used for backgrounds but for props as well.

How are green screens being used?

There are lots of ways to utilize a green screen.

A more practical use of green screen is in a newsroom to depict the weather. That weather person is actually standing in front of a blank green screen with special effects of the clouds, sun, or lightning that are added later.

Plenty of companies use green screens for major motion pictures. Whether it’s dragons, dinosaurs, airports, or the vast ocean, green screens can customize your scene to look like something from the future or 1 billion years ago. 

Green screens grant the capability to add CGI and special effects to create a cohesive environment. The possibilities are limitless.

What are the benefits of using a green screen?

The biggest benefits of using a green screen are that it saves time, saves money, and there is endless creativity.

The overall time to shoot a movie is condensed due to a number of factors being done in post-production. The team wouldn’t have to spend a ton of time dressing the set. Save time by bringing the environment to you instead of traveling to different locations. 

Not having to travel to different locations also saves money.

While good CGI costs a lot, you will also be saving a lot of money by eliminating additional expenses using a green screen.

With a green screen, your production isn’t limited to actual, real-world scenes. You can create completely new worlds. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Where can you find a green screen studio?

Check out our green screen studio in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. At Wreck’d Productions, we offer a few different size screens to accommodate a variety of projects.

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