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Wedding Monogram Gobos

Gobos are thin discs that attach to lighting fixtures to project designs. These are placed over the light to reveal a pattern or image.

The term gobo stands for “Goes on before optics.” 

Custom gobos are very popular for weddings, special events, or businesses to cast the names of the couple, individuals, or a company logo. 

Gobos are compatible with ellipsoidal lights and moving head spots to create a crisp image from the focused light.

What are the different types of gobos?

Gobo Patterns

Gobos can be made from stainless steel or glass. 

Stainless steel gobos are more common and less expensive than glass. They are more like a stencil that light passes through. 

Glass gobos are a solid disc in which the different layers are printed. These gobos range from a single color to containing photorealistic images. 

They are more resilient to the heat of the lights than the steel, which can warp.

What sizes of gobos are available?

Damaged Gobo

Gobo sizes are represented by the letters A, B, E, M or by two numbers depending on the manufacturer. There is no exact sizing of letters and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and fixture to fixture. 

The size gobo you can use will be dependent on your lighting fixture.

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