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Sometimes it’s hard being a boss and doing it all. You have to wear so many hats and it can become overwhelming.

Don’t fall into these traps and learn the skills you need to be a successful musician.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Being envious of other musicians can take a toll on your mental health. Instead of being inspired and taking action, you feel deflated and do nothing. 

You are only seeing a fraction of the entire picture. You don’t know what that artist has gone through to get where they are.

Social media has painted this false reality, where you are only seeing the finished product and not seeing all the work that went into producing it.

There’s a pressure to keep up with everyone else. If you don’t have a set level of success in a certain timeframe then you think that you are a failure.

Then there’s a need to fit in and do what everyone else is doing. By comparing yourself to other people, you create what you think will be popular instead of doing what you want to do.

You are your own person. Create the music that you want to because you enjoy it. Put in the work to get there and it will pay off in your own time.

Enjoy the Journey

If you are focused on the end destination then you are doing it wrong. Stop chasing the money. You are doing yourself a disservice.

Make mistakes and learn from the process. You have to enjoy what you are doing otherwise you will become miserable. Be present and don’t miss opportunities.

You will never be satisfied if you keep wanting more vanity metrics.

Become a Great Storyteller

Learn how to sell your story. Your story is what gives you an edge and makes you different. Your walk of life separates you from the rest.

Use that as fuel to drive you.

Stories are assets and people want an experience. You want to evoke emotion with your words. 

Your Reputation is Everything

How do you want to be known or remembered? Nobody will want to work with you if you’re a jerk.

Everyone knows someone and you may be rude to the wrong person. Once the word gets out that you are a terrible person to work with, that’s it.

Always treat every opportunity equally and do the best job that you can – no matter how small the gig is. Don’t show up late or act like you can’t be bothered because people will notice.

People will also notice if you are always nice, accountable, and personable. 

Build a long-lasting positive reputation and you will get far.

Which type of person do you want to be?

Be Respectful of Your Trade

Don’t ever think that you are good enough because there will always be someone better. Too many musicians are “good enough,” but if you want to be great you have to put in the work. You always want to be improving.

Spend many hours practicing. Music should be your life, not just a hobby.

It’s not just enough to have talent. That will only get you so far. 

Greatness is about your mindset, your work ethic and your determination. You need to compete to be the best.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Not everything works out according to plan. When there are challenges you have to pivot.

Maybe that means moving to a new city so that you can get more work. Set yourself up for more opportunities. If something isn’t working, don’t keep bashing your head against the wall expecting something to change.

You need to change and make steps in the right direction.

Expecting good things to come to you isn’t going to work. You need to be proactive in accomplishing your goals.

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