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It’s no secret that various industries are changing due to technology, the music industry is no different. Although music videos aren’t obsolete, they also aren’t being used in the same way that they used to be.

This was the most common way to sell records.

Overall, music video views have decreased since their popularity in the early 2000s.

People prefer to stream music on Spotify rather than watch the entirety of a music video on YouTube. Gone are the days of watching music videos on the television.

However, music videos still have an importance in today’s society.

Why are music videos important?

It’s more about telling the artist’s story.

They have now become a way for artists to connect to their fans. Music videos create engagement on social media.

If people aren’t visually stimulated, they may not listen to your music. The experience is more immersive than just hearing the audio. With so many options, what makes your music stand out from others?

Are music videos still made?

Music videos are still being created and may never officially die out. They are a creative and visual representation for artists. In addition, the videos themselves are a work of art, creating emotions through light, color, sounds, and the storyline.

Years ago music videos were very expensive and could only be created by huge record companies, but nowadays music videos have become more affordable and accessible.

Here at Wreck’d Productions, we offer professional quality music videos without the insanely high price tag. 

Our studio is centrally located between NYC and Philadelphia, in Tinton Falls, NJ. This means that we have ample space for your equipment and crew.

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