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Although there are exceptions to every rule, the YouTube algorithm is not podcast friendly.

YouTube’s objective is to put content in front of the right audience. 

Because people are valuing their time more and more, they may not have an immediate need to watch an hour long piece of content. In other words, YouTube is a more visual-based platform and viewers may not want to “watch” an hour long video.

However, there are plenty of advantages AND disadvantages to podcasting on YouTube.

Advantage #1: Build a Loyal Community

Listeners who tune in to podcasts are committed to hearing the podcast. Podcasts on average are at least an hour long. 

Many of these listeners are known as “true fans.” They love your content and support you 100%. If you are live, they will usually be on to listen to every live podcast.

Being present on the podcast allows listeners to interact with the podcaster and allows you to develop stronger engagement and interaction with your audience.

Advantage #2: Practice Communicating

Streaming live allows you to develop your thoughts into what you are going to say. This is great practice for perfecting your speech habits.

Because you don’t edit live videos, eventually, you will become a better speaker.

You constantly need to be talking and be entertaining, otherwise nobody will listen.

Advantage #3: Audience Driven Support

Your audience will have a deeper connection to you and want to support you.

This means that they might Super Chat you, which means that you get a small donation from the listener. These Super Chats are brightly colored and more likely to get noticed by the speaker.

These donations are a great way to show gratitude to your favorite podcasters for their helpful content.

Subscribers can also be members and pay a monthly fee to support the channel.

Disadvantage #1: Not Acquiring A Lot of Growth

The YouTube algorithm will not push out your content. Livestream videos are less likely to connect with new viewers.

This type of long-form content is not suited to attract new people. Thus, YouTube will not help your content get in front of more people.

If you already have an established audience you will notice a drop in views given that most viewers are unsubscribed.

Disadvantage #2: Topics Are Too Broad

Generally, podcast topics aren’t based on specific topics or questions that the audience may be searching.

YouTube is a search engine. Therefore, viewers are looking for specific content.

If someone searches for a topic and notices that your title matches but can’t find where in the content the information is, they will bounce off your video.

Nobody wants to parse through hour-long content to search for the section that they are looking for. This can be frustrating for the viewer.

Disadvantage #3: Creating Ineffective Titles and Thumbnails

If you are creating a podcast everyday, your thumbnails may not have a lot of creativity put into them.

Thumbnails are the first visual that convinces a new person to click onto your video.

Because all your thumbnails might look the same, visitors may be less likely to click.

The same fact can be said for the titles. Titles are how a user determines if your video will meet their expectations. If your podcast has episode numbers, what is differentiating one video from the next?

What is the Solution to Podcasting on YouTube?

Create a new channel for your podcast!

Putting separate content onto a new channel will not affect the growth of your current channel.

Podcasts are great for connecting with your core audience, but not good for reaching new viewers.

Having a dedicated channel for your podcast will give you the most success with podcasting on YouTube.

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