Wreck’d Productions worked hand-in-hand with the large corporation Emeritus and NYU to bring learning opportunities to people across the globe. Emeritus came to us with a plan to record a number of professional in-studio virtual classes in conjunction with NYU. We were more than happy to oblige and assist them in their efforts.

We held many meetings leading up to the time of production to ensure that our clients project was seamlessly executed. This involved creative meetings and logistics meetings between Emeritus, NYU and us here at Wreck’d Productions.

With our conveniently located studio, the professors of NYU were able to make it to our location easily.

Emeritus and NYU utilized our blackbox studio, green screen, audio and lighting as the professors taught and recorded virtual lessons. Throughout the entirety of their studio time they had the support of our in-studio lighting technicians and audio engineers. Any changes or questions that arose were addressed quickly and efficiently.

We created a safe and sanitary environment, operating under COVID-19 guidelines for the entirety of the shoot. During this time we were also able to provide services to ensure a comfortable experience, providing Emeritus with nearby locations where food was available to order and our studio hands setting up a break room for the professors to take meal and water breaks.

By the end of their time recording at our studio, our clients expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for our support and professionalism.