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8 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Studio Time [Blackbox Studio Edition]

Blackbox Studio Time Saving Tips

Are you looking to create a music video in the near future? Are you wondering how to stretch that budget to create the best video? There are some tips that you may want to consider when it comes to creating the greatest visuals for your music. Do what matters to efficiently maximize your studio time. […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Podcasting on YouTube

Wreck'd Productions Podcast Studio

Although there are exceptions to every rule, the YouTube algorithm is not podcast friendly. YouTube’s objective is to put content in front of the right audience.  Because people are valuing their time more and more, they may not have an immediate need to watch an hour long piece of content. In other words, YouTube is […]

Why You Should Start a Podcast for Your Business

Podcasts are a great way to gain authority, reach your target audience, build a community, gain more qualified leads to your website, and repurpose content. Every business should have their own podcast to strengthen their relationship with their current and potential customers. This connection will establish trust and make your business more relatable. Podcasts Allow […]

What is a Black Box Studio?

A black box studio is a room with fully black walls, ceiling, and floors.  Although black box studios mostly apply to theaters, the simplicity of the space allows for a variety of different performances. Also known as experimental or flexible theaters, these spaces usually accommodate smaller performances. This will allow the vendor to have the […]

What is a fiber optic curtain?

fiber optic curtain

Fiber optic curtains are used in performances as a starry backdrop. The curtain is full of bundles of fibers that separate to peek through a hole on the front. The brightness is controlled by different sized holes. Our curtain is 33ft long and 18ft high. The fiber optics are made from long strands of glass […]

How to Put Up a Truss Totem

build a truss totem

We are going to show you how to quickly and efficiently put up your truss totem for your events. First, we are going to need a single plate to keep the truss grounded. The single plate that we are using in the video is 30 inches x 30 inches and 40lbs.  Next, put on double […]

What are DMX Cables?

DMX Cables

DMX cables are used for lights. They carry data from the source, such as a DMX console, to the lights to control movement, color, lighting angle, etc. Most importantly they differ from microphone cables (XLR). Are DMX Cables the Same as Microphone Cables? Although DMX cables may look like microphone and speaker cables, they are […]

What are gobos?

Wedding Monogram Gobos

Gobos are thin discs that attach to lighting fixtures to project designs. These are placed over the light to reveal a pattern or image. The term gobo stands for “Goes on before optics.”  Custom gobos are very popular for weddings, special events, or businesses to cast the names of the couple, individuals, or a company […]

What is a stage lighting truss?

We use lighting trusses for the application and utilization of luminaire fixtures. You see them all over the place such as theaters, special events, and stadiums, just to give you some examples. There are different shapes such as a ladder truss, triangle truss, or a box truss. You can hang them in from the ceiling, […]